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Update on Dave 8/12/2011

Update on Dave 8/12/11

Dave’s breath returned to being very smelly even though we were putting the additive in his drinking water, we took him back to the vets and was told it is time for him to have a dental, this took place yesterday at our vets Bridgefield Vet Surgery in Wem. Cats normally have 32 teeth, Dave already had two missing and had to have 19 teeth removed, he has been left with 11 and hopefully he can hang on to those. Below are some pictures of Dave having his dental and you can see what a state his mouth was in he must of been in quite a lot of pain although he never showed it, brave boy.


As you can see Dave’s gums are red raw


His teeth are not much better either


Our vet Olivia Halligan getting to grips with Dave’s dental


It was going to be a long job!


While Olivia gets rid of Dave’s rotten teeth our vet nurse Debbie Minor keeps a close eye on Dave’s vital signs. Dave is doing well and will be going for his post operative check tomorrow, he is feeling a little sorry for himself at the moment but who can blame him after having 19 teeth removed. He is getting extra fuss and loves and basically being spoilt to bits. His dental cost us £195.94 if anyone would like to sponsor Dave or make a donation towards his dental/medical costs which are ongoing please ring Eve 07743 644795 or use the contact us page


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