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Dave has to move out of his Gaff


Poor Dave has had to move back into one of the outside pens due to an emergency call from a Welfare Officer who needed 11 cats taking in from appalling conditions urgently (none neutered).  Dave’s pen is the only one big enough to house so many cats, so we had to have a major move around, two kittens had to go into a large collapsible pen in the shed and Dave was moved into there outside pen, hopefully it will not be too long before he is back in his “Gaff”.  We co-worked with Rachel of the North Shropshire Cat Protection who neutered all the cats for us which saved us an absolute fortune and we are very grateful to her, unfortunately we only have 8, 3 are still missing and as yet cannot be found, there are 6 kittens approx 12/14wks old and 2 adult females approx 10/12mths old see cats for re-homing.  Dave’s post op check went well after his dental but he is a little stressed as he has had to give up his “Gaff” temporarily for the time being, as usual he is getting lots of attention fuss and cuddles.


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