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Sock’s our latest on going case



This is Sock’s our latest on going case, we took him into our care on Wednesday 1st May. Socks came into our vets that day after being involved in an RTA the day before, it was clear he needed urgent veterinary treatment, he is only 10mths old but the owner could not afford to pay for his treatment so opted to have him put to sleep. I just could not let this happen as he was so young and a lovely lad so the owner signed him over to us. He went on a drip straight away to stabilize him and the vets started to treat his eye but his breathing was definately not right and his temperature was very low but they had to get him stabilized before x rays and treatment.  They finally got him stable on Thursday and did x rays then operated for a bad ruptured diaphragm, he has survived the op but is not out of the woods yet but looks a lot more comfortable and is still on a drip and will be in the vets for a few more days yet. 

Socks treatment, operation and hospitalization will be very costly, if you would like to donate anything no matter how small towards his vets bill please use the donate button, anything will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

UPDATE 6/5/13


Socks is still on medication but has been allowed to come into the shelter, he is a really lovely little lad and has settled well, he adores a fuss and company, hopefully he won’t have to waer the buster collar for too long

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