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 2019 was a very busy year for us as a small rescue, sadly people are still not neutering their cats or microchipping which is the best way they can be reunited with their owner, we re-homed 58 adult cats and 70 kittens and re-united only 4 cats with their owner due to being microchipped. Thank you so much for everyone’s support during 2019 🙂 Lets hope 2020 is a good one 🙂  Below some of our expenditure for 2019 which is why we rely on your support 🙂 

All cats and kittens adopted from Sleapy Cat Rescue come with 5 weeks free insurance – Whatever their age! Agria pet insurance.

Please note all viewings are by appointment only ring Eve 07743 644 795 

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Cats For Adoption

We have a minimum donation of £65 per cat, this doesn’t cover our costs but helps towards it. We would appreciate it if you could donate more than this to help other kittens / Cats find loving homes. Every penny raised goes to looking after the cats whilst in our care and finding homes for them. Some of our cats need extra veterinary treatments and this can be costly, so every penny counts.

Poppy 12/13yr old female NOT AT THE SHELTER

Sadly this lovely girl’s owner has passed away and the family are desperate to find her a new loving home, unfortunately they cannot take her on due to pets of their own. The owner’s sister has said ” Due to a recent bereavement we are looking for a new home for Poppy. She’s a very sweet, gentle and affectionate senior lady. She is timid however and would need a quiet new home, preferably as the only cat, with a new guardian who is experienced in looking after cats. She is mostly an indoor cat but does enjoy going out for short periods of time. She is between 12/13 years old and was last vaccinated July 2019. She has had several teeth removed but eats very well with no problems and was originally an RSPCA rescue cat. It would be wonderful to see her go to a good home”

She would make an ideal companion for an elderly owner, a donation will be required to ensure a good home and this will be discussed with the sister of the deceased owner, if interested pls ring Fern 07495 750 125 (on holiday from 5th Feb for 2wks) otherwise you can ring Cherine on 07951 495 056 There must be someone out there for this poor girl who has lost her mum :'(

Jack 2yrs 2mths NOT AT THE SHELTER

We are helping this owner to re-home her lovely cat, he is up to date with everything and Booster vaccination is due Feb 2021. The owner is very upset to have to rehome him but he is getting stressed by her other cats, he is a very friendly boy and would be suited to older children and a needs a calm quieter household being the only pet, he is looking for a home away from Wem as he may try to find his way back once allowed out, a donation will be required to ensure a good home and this will be discussed with the present owner. If you are interested please contact Beverley on 07971 469 557

Our Clarence 8/10yrs male

Clarence is 100% adorable, such a loving lad, loves a tummy rub, company and any amount of fuss you want to dish out, he has had to have both ear canals taken out due to severe infection and polyps so he is now totally deaf which means he now has to be a house cat but he was used to coming and going so we need a very special home indeed for our special boy, we are looking for a home that either has a cat proof garden ie Protect a pet or similar or someone who has a catio or prepared to have one. The first picture is what he looks like once his fur has grown back which will take a while, he is very handsome indeed a gorgeous boy. Interested?

Ring Eve 07743 644 795 or use the contact us page

Wellington aka Welly approx 12yrs male looking for outdoor home

Welly is a nice boy but a little hard to describe, he has never lived in a house although someone used to feed him but sadly they have now passed away which is why he has come in, he will have a fuss to a certain extent but doesn’t like being picked up, he has been vet health checked, wormed, de-flead, neutered & chipped & is now fully vaccinated, we feel he would suit an outdoor life ie farm/stables/outbuildings where he can still be looked after and fed, he has a cauliflower ear due to an old hematoma which has been treated we also had him tested for fiv/felv which came back negative. Home check & adoption fee applies, comes with 5wks free Agria Pet Insurance. Interested?

Ring Eve 07743 644 795 or use the contact us page

Jez “Home from Home” Jez is not at the shelter


This is what the owner has said



Jez is an 8 year old boy who although may be a little shy at first is extremely friendly. He does not like to be held but is a lap cat and would love nothing more than cuddles all day. He is used to children, other cats and dogs but due to him having a food allergy which is controlled by a veterinary diet he will not be able to have access to their food. He is neutered and will be wormed, de-flead and up to date with vaccinations. The current owner is looking for a new home for Jez who will have a bit more time for him and who will be able to keep him indoors with a litter tray. There will be a donation which can be discussed with the owner. He is currently in Telford and for further information please contact:  PLEASE CONTACT THE OWNER DIRECT IF YOU ARE INTERESTED


Kimberley 07824658396


Richard & Tia Home from Home these two are NOT at the shelter

Richard & Tia are brother and sister 11yrs old and can be a little shy around strangers but once they know you they are fine, very young at heart and very affectionate, no good with dogs. They are indoor & outdoor cats but do have a litter tray indoors. They are both neutered and chipped and the owner is in the process of ensuring vaccinations, worming & fleaing are up to date Richard has the dark stripe down his nose. They both like to eat Whiskers 11+ wet food and Whiskers dry. We are trying to help this lady re-home these two beauty’s due to her having life changing surgery which will result in her having Immunol Suppression so she can’t be around them after November. Please note these two are NOT at the shelter it is a home from home and there will be a donation which must be discussed with the owner. They are in Castlefields Shrewsbury at the moment. For more information if interested please contact

Susan 07944 976 457 or e mail

Horace 14mth old male UPDATE: NOW HOMED :-)

What an adorable boy Horace is, quite laid back and very affectionate, he is now up to date with everything, someone will be very lucky to adopt him <3 Interested?

Ring Eve 07743 644 795 or use the contact us page

Oscar & Phoebe Pedigree Ragdolls House Cats only UPDATE: NOW RESERVED :-)

Oscar is 17mths old and Phoebe is 16mths old both absolutely adorable, true to their breed very affectionate and loving, they need to be house cats as the stealing of cats especially pedigrees is on the increase. It would be nice if they could go together but if not we will separate, to ensure the right home we are asking for a minimum donation of £150 per cat, home check and adoption fee apply’s, we have had both neutered and vet health checked, wormed, de-flead, both are chipped. They will come with 5wks free Agria insurance. Interested?

Ring Eve 07743 644 795 or use the contact us page

Female Black kitten ready 10th September UPDATE: Now Reserved :-)

Her brother has been reserved and going on 10th September, I really don’t want her left on her own, lovely girl and goes for vet health check and 1st vaccination on 9th September, we give a voucher for free neuter and chip at 20wks but must come back to our vets Bridgefield Vets in Wem, also come’s with 5wks free Agria Insurance, subject to home check and adoption fee apply’s. Interested?

Ring Eve 07743 644 795 or use the contact us page

Lucy & Jade 17wks female Pedigree Ragdolls (Must be House Cats) NOW RESERVED :-)

These two adorable stunning girl’s (sisters) are looking for their forever home as house cats as the increase in stolen pets is very much on the increase, they are pedigree Ragdolls and will be going for neuter on Wed 28th Aug, they have been vet health checked and wormed and de-flead. We require a minimum donation of £150 for each of these beauty’s, they do not have to go together, Interested?

Ring Eve 07743 644 795 or use the contact us page


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