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Dave’s Blog

Dave has to move out of his Gaff


Poor Dave has had to move back into one of the outside pens due to an emergency call from a Welfare Officer who needed 11 cats taking in from appalling conditions urgently (none neutered).  Dave’s pen is the only one big enough to house so many cats, so we had to have a major move around, two kittens had to go into a large collapsible pen in the shed and Dave was moved into there outside pen, hopefully it will not be too long before he is back in his “Gaff”.  We co-worked with Rachel of the North Shropshire Cat Protection who neutered all the cats for us which saved us an absolute fortune and we are very grateful to her, unfortunately we only have 8, 3 are still missing and as yet cannot be found, there are 6 kittens approx 12/14wks old and 2 adult females approx 10/12mths old see cats for re-homing.  Dave’s post op check went well after his dental but he is a little stressed as he has had to give up his “Gaff” temporarily for the time being, as usual he is getting lots of attention fuss and cuddles.

Update on Dave 8/12/2011

Update on Dave 8/12/11

Dave’s breath returned to being very smelly even though we were putting the additive in his drinking water, we took him back to the vets and was told it is time for him to have a dental, this took place yesterday at our vets Bridgefield Vet Surgery in Wem. Cats normally have 32 teeth, Dave already had two missing and had to have 19 teeth removed, he has been left with 11 and hopefully he can hang on to those. Below are some pictures of Dave having his dental and you can see what a state his mouth was in he must of been in quite a lot of pain although he never showed it, brave boy.


As you can see Dave’s gums are red raw


His teeth are not much better either


Our vet Olivia Halligan getting to grips with Dave’s dental


It was going to be a long job!


While Olivia gets rid of Dave’s rotten teeth our vet nurse Debbie Minor keeps a close eye on Dave’s vital signs. Dave is doing well and will be going for his post operative check tomorrow, he is feeling a little sorry for himself at the moment but who can blame him after having 19 teeth removed. He is getting extra fuss and loves and basically being spoilt to bits. His dental cost us £195.94 if anyone would like to sponsor Dave or make a donation towards his dental/medical costs which are ongoing please ring Eve 07743 644795 or use the contact us page

Update on Dave July 2011

Further update on Dave July 2011


Dave enjoying a stroll around the garden with volunteer Sarah Ketter


Plenty of mole hills for Dave to sniff at


Dave getting a spurt on!!


All our volunteers love Dave to bits and he loves the attention

Update on Dave 26th June 11

Further update on Dave 26th June 2011


We are very happy to say since Dave’s last update and increase in medication he has not had another fit which is brilliant news, however Dave has alway’s suffered with gingivitus and bless his heart we know he cant help it but he has very bad breath, I took him to the vets about three weeks ago and he had an antibiotic jab and a steriod jab which improved his breath no end but this week you could see that his mouth was bothering him, so I took him back to the vets and he has had a further two injections, once his gums have settled down a bit we will be putting an additive in his water to help his condition, ideally he could do with a dental but this would be a very last resort as Dave’s condition with his fits he would not handle an anesthetic very well and we may lose him.  All in all Dave is very happy and enjoying the nice weather and I am sure we will soon have his gingivitus under control very soon.

Update on Dave 19/2/11

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Latest update on Dave 19/2/11

Dave’s fits unfortunately have been increasing, he went back to the vets yesterday for a thorough examination, they tested his urine which still has blood and crystals in it and took bloods for testing (which is why his neck is shaved) he has put on a quite a bit of weight since coming into us he now weighs 3.97kg when he came in he weighed 2.2kg, the vet has decided to up his doseage on his medication to double what it was before but still giving twice daily. We hope now that this will keep Dave’s fits at bay.  Dave has been with us now just over a year and has adapted to pen life extremely well but then Dave is so laid back I dont think anything would bother him, he still loves his new “Gaff” and sitting on top of his scratching post is his favorite place. If you would like to donate or sponsor Dave for help towards his medication and vets fee’s please get in touch with Eve 07743 644795 or use the contact us page


As you can see Dave is quite happy and contented and has many luxury’s in his pen. He still adores a fuss and having his tummy rubbed, he really is a very special boy!!

Dave Chilling


Dave chilling in his new “Gaff” he loves it!

Dave moves into his new home 27/11/10

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Dave has moved into his new “Gaff” today

Dave has now moved home and really seems to enjoy the extra space, he has two activity centre’s and lots of toys and a nice heated sleeping area with an electric heat pad in his igloo, he is a very special little boy who will be very happy in his new “Gaff”.  If you would like to donate or sponsor Dave for help towards his medication and cost of the pen (£1,600) we would be very grateful to hear from you, call Eve 07743 644795 or use our contact page


Dave exploring his new “Gaff”

Update on Dave 13/11/2010

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Further update on “Dave’s Gaff”

Update 13/11/2010

As you can see it’s almost finished, it really is 5 star accomadation, the electrics have all been done and he has a much larger sleeping area 4×4, the overall size of Dave’s new home is 8×10 so he will have lots of room in there. The path has gone down this afternoon and the last thing to do is tile the floor. We think Dave will be very cosy in his new home. We would like to say a very big thank you to our friend Bob and my husband Ralph for all their hard work and if Dave could speak he would say a huge “Meow” (thank you)

Update on Dave


31/10/2010 Update on Dave

Today we have started building Dave’s new home with the help of Ralph (my hubby) and Bob (very good friend) hopefully Dave will be in his new home in the next two weeks


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